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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  November 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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newsroom, tonight. matt and sheila, alcoholm is a growing concern in the community. and today, native community members and law enforcers brainstormed what can be done to keep their families together by fighting alcoholism.
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this year to date, native americans make up nearly half of the public intoxication arrests in sioux city. whites came in second with almost a third of the arrests. there has been an increase in arrests among native americans in sioux city over the last few years. in 2013, they made up 46 percent of the public intoxication arrests. that number dropped slightly-- to 45 percent-- in 2014. but, so far this year, it has risen to 49 percent. monday's meeting was meant to fight this increase. su "four directions' director says this type of dialogue is a great first step in addressing the issue of alcoholism. he says one way to help look forward is getting rid of stereotypes." "it's easy to point at the homeless, easy to point at the addicted, easy to point at nobody who- those who have no hope," said frank lamere, director of the four directions community center. "but what can we do change it? and all of us here have commitment to it, but i don't know how much of resources we have." one option discussed during the meeting was a detox center. "is what we need more than placing some of these people in
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jail," said woodbury county sheriff dave drew. "because all we're doing is the punishment part and we're not dealing with the rehabilitation part, which we think is important." just one step discussed that can help heal those suffering from addiction.>> >> alcoholism or other types of are options. jackson recover center, which had representatives at today's meeting, provides adult and adolescent inpatient and outpatient programs. for those who are worried about being able to afford treatment, there are programs based on income at jackson recovery. you'll find information about those programs inside this story at ktiv- dot-com. matt and sheila? (sheila) the superintenden t of sioux city's public schools says, in hindsight, he would have dismissed schools early last friday... as weather conditions worsened. (matt) instead, schools stayed in session. and, as snow fell, and local roads went from bad to worse, some students were stuck at schools waiting for parents to pick them up. others were on school buses that slowly made stops until after dark.
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in a statement, dr. paul gausman said decisions, like this one, are among the "most second- guessed and criticized calls" he makes. and, gausman admitted that sometimes he "makes decisions that are better than others." but, gausman defended his decision. he said the "weather is not only challenging at times, it is constantly changing." and, on friday, gausman said the "timing of the storm was constantly changing." that led to his decision to finish the school day. gausman also pointed out the school policy that allows parents and guardians to pick up their child, at any time, on any day, if they feel it's unsafe for their student to be in school because of the weather. you can read gausman's full statement, for yourself, by going to ktiv-dot-com, and clicking on this story. governorterry branstad issued a disaster proclamation for sioux county in response to winter storms over the weekend. the governor's proclamation allows state resources to be utilized to respond and recover from the storm. during the storm, an electrical distribution transformer box explosion coupled with a water main break and other electrical failures
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resulted in damage to pu power outages throughout sioux center. this state of disaster emergency will expire on december 5th. a storm lake, iowa man has pleaded guilty to stabbing a 14-year-old boy with a box cutter. 23-year-old martin deras- castillo has pleaded guilty and faces five charges including going armed with intent. in june, his girlfriend told police they got into an argument in her car while she was driving. she says he started punching her, pulling her hair and threatening to kill her. when castillo pulled out the box cutter, she says her teenage son tried to intervene and castillo stabbed him in the arm. after a day of melting you might see some patchy fog tonight. for more on that, we'll toss it over to chief meteorologist ron demers with the first look at our forecast. weather ad-lib it was the second straight day of melting across siouxland which is putting low level moisture in the air and could give us a chance of some patchy fog tonight. if we see the fog form, it should burn off during the morning on tuesday leaving us with partly cloudy skies and another day of melting with highs in the 30s and 40s for most of us. some fog or drizzle may again try to form tuesday night and then continue into wednesday with a chance of a few light
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thrown in there as well. (matt) a program known as the special troopers adaptive riders school, or "stars" provides ththapuetic horse riding for people with disabilitits. (sheila) today,he animals got some therapy of their own. ktiv's tommie clark explains.
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"the equine are just wonderful, wonderful animals to work with," said stars executive director, stacy pedersen. .but that's not alwawa the case. "these horses work year-round so every once in a while, they need a little therapy of their own." veterinarian and animal chiropractor, dr. teri todd, gave the horses, along with a couple dogs, some much needed t-l-c. todd grew up with horses and saw her own horse benefit from chiropractic care. it made her realize how important it is not only for people-- but for animals. "it's amazing horses are like people. they have different amounts of pain tolerance so some of them might just need some minor adjusting, but it makes a huge difference in what their attitude is," said veterinarian and certified animal care chiropractic, dr. teri todd. monday, she evaluated the animals' spines and joinin to help them function better.r.hese routute adjustments benefit the animals emotionally, physically and congnitively. todd says how often the horses get the adjustments depends on their activity level and
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their health history-- it could be monthly or every few months. "it works much better if the horses are feeling good. they do a better job, they're not cranky-- because we all get cranky when we're not feeling well," s sd stars executive director, stacy pedersen. the staff of stars say they see a major difference in the animals behavior after they're adjusted. todd says the practice is becoming more popular and it just keeps the animals happy. in sioux city...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >> while at the stars barn, dr. todd also addressed something no pet-owner wants to hear... that their dog has canine flu. canine influenza is a respiratory disease that's been reported in 25 states. though it is contagious, todd says it doesn't sound like it's s major outbreak. inn fact, she's only heard of two cases near siouxland. "we've been notified that there is such a thing going on out there. quite doesn't seem to be a lot different then any of the other influenzas like say influeaza in people. a lot of them will have symptoms of it
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and overcome those symptoms and continue on to recover from it without any incidents," said veterinarian and certified animal care chiropractic, dr. teri todd. if a dog does come down with the flu, todd says they need supportive care... like the care person would get if they had the flu. there are two birds that won't make their way to anyone's thanksgiving fest... iowa governor terry branstad says zoe and spike will live out their days at living history farms in urbananle. the governor had his five grand kids on hand for today'pardon. branstad says iowa turkey farmers raise 11-million turkeys annually...which makes the state 9th in the u-s for production. more americans are turning to artificial christmas trees. last year, 81% of americans used fake trees. and we want to know what kind of christmas tree you put up!
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to ktiv dot com and cast your vote. we'll show you the results tonight on news 4 at 10. still to come, two more northwest iowa teams western christian and spirit lake were playing in the class 1a and 2a title games. one team won, the other finished second. we'll have
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it was the second straight day of melting across siouxland which is putting low leveloisture in the air and could give us a chance of some patchy fog tonight. if we see e e fog form, it shshld burn off during the mornininon tuesday leaving us with partly cloudy skies and another day of melting with highs in the 30s and 40s for most of us. some fog or drizzle may again try to form tuesday night and then continue into wednesday with a chance of a few light showers thrown in there as well. things become more intererting wednesday night and thanknkiving dada a mix of precipitation could form on wednesday night with cooler air moving in during the day on thursday meaning more snow will begin to form. travel could be impacted by this system so we'll keep a very close eye on the holiday tuation. friday and saturday should be quiet for us before a chance of some light snow return
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still to come... see how local volunteers are raising money and eyebrows at
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if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... they want to go back to letting the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. we want to tell you about a
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special story we have for you many non-profits look for ways to get their names out there and to raise money for their missions. but volunteers with the cherokee community theater have a unique way of raising funds... and maybe a few show. they're putting on the show, calendar girls, and the cast decided to create their own but this isn't your typical month to month of picturesque enery... rather artitiic pics 22 volunteers who s sipped wn to bear it all totoenefit the theater. the age range is 6 months to 88 years so we've got a braod spectrum this is regular people who go the extra distance for the cherokee community theater," says andy linn who posed for the calendar. be sure to watch sarah te slaa's special report tonight on ktiv revealing look at the calendars on one. are you going to bed after the
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10 tonight? well don't forget to set your dvr to the late night with seth meyers. our ktiv mug will be featured on late night with seth meyers. you will see the mug on his desk tonight. (matt) brad's here -- two more siouxland teams were playing for football championships today. western christian and spirit lake were under the roof in cedar falls. western christian was the underdog in class 1a, while spirit lake was the big favorite in class 2a. we have highlights and reaction from both games. and, we'll hear from paul l oads and jamie polllld after a sports fource is next. i love a gourmet cheeseburger as much as anybody. and that's why we created the pub burger at culver's. my favorite cheeseburger starts with great beef. when you get that burger in your hand and the juices are flowing, you want to devour it. chef, we're going to make a pepper grinder pub burger. i'm stoked, man. we've got a a ttle wisconsin swsws and wisconsin chededr. those are the criteria for me fresh beef, bacon, wisconsin cheese. the four-peppercorn mayo real sets this burger apart. this is the ultimate bacon cheeseburger.
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our new pepper grinder pub burger.
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after being snowed out saturday, spirit lake had to wait a couple of extra days to play in the class 2a championhip game. the indians, ranked second at 13 and 0, were big favorites over ninth- ranked
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mount vernon, who came in with two losses. clicking all day in the uni-dome. it's tied at 7 in the first quarter - logan backhaus the 14-7 lead. then backhaus went back to work - pushing his was through the linene lake lead. backhaus - the quarterback - can throw, too - to the corner of the end zone for billy brown - gets the feet down - it's 28-7. after mount vernon gets a touchdown - backhaus goes back to his legs - scrambling in from 11 yards out on the read-option keeper. and then to close the half, backhaus pops a 33-yard touchdown run - spirit lake led 42-14 at the half. mount vernon made things interesting - both teams lit up the scoreboard but spirit lake is your 2a state champion,70 to 56. sporor fource is "on the r rd" in cedar falls. ktiv's mararfreund is live in the uni-dome with post- game reaction.
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in the fourth quarter of spirit lake's title win, quarterback logan backhaus took a big hit and had to be taken off the field on a stretcher. the indians sounded optimistic about his condition - and were able to grind out this title win, earning their secoco championship in four years. "i thought our guys competed the whole game," said spirit lake head coach josh bolluyt. "incredibly proud of them, the effort they showed, the resiliancy they showed after logan got hurt, i'm just really proud of this team." "when logan came out, we just needed to stay focused, play spirit lake football and that's exactly what we did, "said spirit lake senior billy brown. "we grinded it o o. we gave up 56 points and we still won." "it's a great feeling knowing that all that hard work in the summer and off-season work is all paying off," said spirit lake senior tyler jenness. "the results came." "these guys won 14 football games and have seen a lot of really good football teams before them but those guys really finished well this year and i'm really, really proud of how they played," added bolluyt. "it's over today. at's the sad part. w wwon, that's great, it's excitininto end wiwi a championship that
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way. but it's the last time we get to be together. they're an incredibly fu group to be around." the teams combined for 126 points, over 12- hundred yards and 62 first downs. in total, 17 state records were tied or broken i ithis game. a title game for the ages, with championship. live in cedar falls, mark freund ktiv sports fource. western christian was trying to stop a dynasty in the class 1a title game. the wolfpack facing iowa city rena, who had won a state-record, five straight championships. western didn't play scared against the defending champs. tie game in the second quarter - tyson kooima over the middle to taylor miedema - western takes the lead, 14-7. but regina gets two quick k ores to end the half - isaac vollstedt wiwi the
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the break, 21-14. third quarter - wolfpack down by two touchdowns - but on 4th and 11 - kooima throws it up - ben gesink wins the jump ball and western is back within 7. western down 2 scores in the fourth -- kooima f fds gesink again - his fourth td pass - western christianandown just 35-28. regina trying to run out the clock late in the fourth - with a seam - but justin hunter fumbles - the wolfpack recover to get one more chance. but the 4th down pass is incomplete - and western has to settle for second place, 35-28. "we got the ball back and we wanted to score again," said western christian qb tyson kooima. "we moved the ball pretty well but then at the end they played some pretty good defense.' "there's no negatives out of this season," said western christian head coach travis kooima. "i told the guys that's probably the greatest thing about our team was that every day we woke up and tried to get better. i'm just excited and very pleased and just proud of the guys and how hard they worked and
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western christian loses 7 seniors but has 11 juniors returning. on sunday, iowa state athletic director jamie pollard made the decision to fire head football coach paul rhoads. both men met the media today. rhoads has a 32-54 record in seven seasons at iowa state. the cyclones are 3-8 this season after blowing double-digit, second half leads games. rhoads took isu to three bowl games in his first four seasons, but hasn't had a winning record since '09. "i'm no quitter, i would never have walked away, i wouldn't have walked away from the job, i wouldn't have walked away from the opportunity to coach these young men one more time," said rhoads. "we made the decision to make the change because we simply weren't trending in the right direction," said isu athletics director jamie pollard. rhoads will coach the cyclones in their final game saturday at west virginia. he had six years left on his contract and will get a 4-point-5 million dollar buyout. south dakota head football coach joe glenn announced his
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retirement this morning. the 66-year old compiled 200 wins and 134 losses in 28 seasons as a head coach. glenn came back to coach his alma mater as the coyotes moved to division one -- he was 12-34 in four seasons at south dakota. he is one of 76 coaches in ncaa
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